Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Unleavened Bread for Thought

I am way too lazy to create a new blog for my trip in Jerusalem and its not like a lot of people read my blog anyway, so it's whatever. Greetings from Jerusalem! It's the holiest city on the earth, no big deal. I have wanted to come here for a very long time, and I guess I got my wish. I am doing a study abroad with BYU and it has already been 4 weeks since I've been here.
Like a missionary photo at the MTC.
So, in the past few weeks, we had one out of the country field trip and we got to go to Jordan! We visited Petra which was pretty cool and we watched Indian Jones after we got back. People were screaming so loudly at the movie that I heard it two floors down from where I was finishing up my site report that was due that night. I hate going to movies anyway, you don't really get to talk to anyone and so I prefer to skip them and study a little more so that I can have time to do other things later on.
Kicking the pillars down at Amman

At Jordan we got to visit a lot of cool places and we learned a lot of cool things like how each site related to the bible and things, but by the end of the day, it seemed like we were just getting off the bus to take cool pictures to put on Facebook when we got home from Jerusalem. But this place in Amman was really cool. It was apparently the most well preserved Roman city in the Near East although a lot of the pillars were reconstructed/repillafied (?) ... to show how they would have looked in the ancient time. You can kind of tell in the picture above that the lower pillar section is smooth and how the upper pillars seem a little more weathered. It's because the lower section was buried in sand and the upper section was weathered through out the years.

At the theater
It was raining the third day in Jordan, but we still had to visit some sites. I think this place was at the theater at the base of the city in Amman. People were telling me that I was going to catch a cold because of the rain, and that I needed a coat, but I threw on my Keffiyeh on my head and I was fine. I threw the cold on the ground like a boss...

River Jordan
On the last day of the Jordan trip, we got to visit the River Jordan. It was a really good experience for me. Something really cool that happened was that as we sung hymns and listened to Brother Schade talk, there were splotches of sunlight that would break through the clouds as if the earth itself were bearing testimony of the truthfulness of the messages that were being shared. It was a great spiritual experience.

Garden Tomb
When we got back, we went to the Garden Tomb on the Sabbath (on Saturday) and I had a vision of what my trip here has to be about. The door to the tomb says, "He is not here, for He is risen." I know that He is not there, I know that He is risen and is the Savior of Mankind.

I'll write more later!

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