Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tel Aviv/Jaffa

 I went to Tel Aviv this last Sunday, and it was so fun! I have quite the story to tell as well. The part of the beach that we went to, it was the section dedicated for surfers and swimming was not allowed. The waves were huge! We were not swimming per say, our feet were on the ground at all times, but we still went out pretty far. I had my glasses on because I am blind with out them. Million bucks to the person that can guess what happened to me... I was facing the beach with my back toward the waves and I suddenly found myself under water. When I got back out, my glasses weren't on my face. I was blind for rest of the day... :) Everyone helped look for my glasses, but the Mediterranean had claimed them to never return them. We have midterms and finals this next week, and I consider my glasses an offering to the Canaanite sea god, Yam so that I can do well. :)
This dog was really cool. Skylar and I played soccer with her. 
We went to the flea market at Tel Aviv as well. This was before I lost my glasses. See? they are still on my face. 

 The flea market seemed like a huge garage sale. Some of the stuff that we saw there were super sketch. If you ever go there with your kids, make sure you shield their eyes! I liked the flea market in Portland a lot more.

I was still happy by the end of the day. Note, the glasses are not on my face in this picture. Till next time

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