Saturday, July 14, 2012

Learning From the Homeless

I went and served in the soup kitchen today and it was a great experience for me. The first was that in a twisted way, it would be worth it to be homeless. On the trays, there was plates of fish with a roll, vegetables, hot pie with ice cream, and even turkey with stuffing! This soup kitchen had been in Provo for more than 20 years and I guess it has reached out to those people that are willing to step up and serve by donating food.

My other thought was how caring these homeless people were. When we started serving them the food, I saw them give it to the person beside them. For me, that would have been the normal and the polite thing to do, but when I put myself in their shoes, I could imagine how hard it must have been. Who knows how long it had been since they had had a hot meal, and yet, when they saw the delicious food that was placed before them, they passed it on to their neighbors. My eyes teared up as I saw this and it really made me want to become better. How could these people who had nothing have nothing have so much love?  I felt that this was the ultimate example of love that a human being could show to another - the ability to give up something that you direly need and want to another.

I was awestruck by their example and will strive  to become better and better. I can't let the homeless show me up right? I guess it really is true when they say that you can learn something from anyone, anywhere, at anytime.

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