Thursday, July 12, 2012

We are Money's Tool...

I had this thought process right before I went to bed a few weeks ago. Granted, this idea doesn't seem as revealing or world changing as it did when I first had the thought, but I still wanted to organize it.

I realized that as I started working my summer job and my income increased, so did my spending, but when I did not have a job, I had all the things that I needed to get by. I am sure that if I made even more money, that my spending would increase even more. In someways, this makes me jealous of a homeless person only for the specific reason of not being in the loop of "increased pay to increased spending." They are in the no pay, no spending cycle which seems more like a flat line than a cycle...

But anyway, does this not make it so that we are in a sense being used by money? I think this is what sets the truly wealthy from the everyday Joe. The everyday Joe is controlled by his emotions and compulsive spending when the wealthy is money's "Daddy." (My first thought was to put Money is the wealthy's female dog, but I refrained. You're welcome.)

In similarity, I found that as a college student, when I did not have any food, I wasn't hungry as much, but when I did have food, I found my self eating much more frequently. I did not change as a person, but what did? I think it is our natural instinct or social conditioning to use things that you have especially if it is something that you have worked hard to achieve. I personally lean towards social conditioning because of the way that our economic status is in with the national debt being as high as it has ever been. The society is completely fine with the idea of having Money own us. But I think everyone feels the self justification of "having earned the right" to spurge what they have earned thinking, "I deserve this, I worked hard." When does the cycle end? When will it ever be enough? I guess when we ever figure that out, all of us will be financially set and the nation wouldn't be in this financial mess.

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